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Sikkim is a hilly state in India is the lowest in the states of India and its population is the minimum area after Goa. Namgyal of Sikkim was an independent state ruled by a monarchy, but because of administrative problems and the merger of Indian public opinion in a referendum due by 1 9 75 have been dissolved into India.
                                         The thumb-shaped state in the west of Nepal, Tibet Autonomous Region of China in the north and east and south-east is Bhutan. India's West Bengal state in the south english, Nepali, Lepcha, Bhutia, citrus and Hindi are the official languages, but English is the only access to written communication. Hinduism and Buddhism, the predominant religion of Sikkim gankgangtok is the capital and largest city.
                                     Despite its small size, Sikkim is geographically diverse enough. Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest peak, on the border of Sikkim and Nepal in the north western part of the state in many parts of the mountain top can be seen easily. Clean, scenic beauty and political stability, and attributes is a leading tourist destination in Sikkim, India.
                                Here is the highest peak of Kanchenjunga. For the most part farming. Is unsuitable for agriculture. Still, some have been turned into fields and hill slope cultivation methods. Many came because of snow-fed streams in Sikkim have carved out river valleys in the south and west. Tista and Rangeet currents make it together. Tista is called the lifeline of Sikkim and Sikkim, flows from north to south. About a third of the land is covered with thick forests.
                             High mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Sikkim northern, eastern and western directions Crescent in surround.
                             Hot water springs in Sikkim which many are known for their curative potential. The most important hot springs Furchachu, Yumthang, Borag, Ralang, Trmchu and Yumi are Samdong. Sulfur is found in large quantities in all these waterfalls and the river banks are located. The average temperature of the hot spring, 50 ° C is up.
                           Sikkim has four districts. Each district magistrate appointed by the Central or State Government sees. Due to China's border, appears dominant in most areas of the Indian Army.
                            Due to the difficult territory of Sikkim, has no airport or railway station. The nearest  airport, Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri, West Bengal is located. The  airport to Gangtok 124 K.M.  Away. Bagdogra to Gangtok Sikkim Helicopter Service for the flight by a helicopter service is 30 minutes long, which runs only once a day and can only carry 4 people.
                        Most human ethnically  resident of Sikkim, Nepali. Bhutia are one of the original inhabitants of Sikkim. Sikkim settlers came from other states are in the leading   Marwari, Bihari, Bengali people.
                      Nepali in Sikkim, major language .but some other languages -Bhutia, Jodarkha, Groma, Gurung, Lepcha, Limbu, magar, Majhi, Mjwar, Dnuwar, Sherpa, Sunwar, Tamada, Thulung, including Tibetan and Yakkha.
                 Sikkim's roads are often damaged by landslides and floods by fluent, yet Sikkim roads are very good compared to other state roads. There are several hydroelectric stations on the Teesta River, and their impact on the environment is a concern.
                 Here is a 70% literacy, the 1545 government schools and 18 private schools here, which are mostly located in the cities.
                     Many industry here, but roads and mountains due to the expected growth of the transportation business as in other states could not work Here is the number of transport businessmen.

Villages-  460
Capital –Gangtok
Area- 7,096 km2
Population – 607,688
Language- Nepali in Sikkim, major language .but some other languages -Bhutia, Jodarkha, Groma, Gurung, Lepcha, Limbu, magar, Majhi, Mjwar, Dnuwar, Sherpa, Sunwar, Tamada, Thulung, including Tibetan and Yakkha.
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