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Goa is India's smallest in area and the fourth smallest state in population. Goa over the world for its beautiful seaside edges and is famous architecture. Goa was a colony of Portugal. The Portuguese ruled Goa for nearly 450 years and in December 1961 it was handed over to Indian authorities. It is a telling description of Goa in the Mahabharata was Goprashtra .
                                                 The long history of Goa Suruat starts from the third century, when the Mauryan dynasty was established. . At the beginning of the first century the rulers of Kolhapur right Satvahanas established. Later this year the rulers of Badami Chalukyas ruled from 580 to 750. In subsequent years, it had many different rulers. Goa to Delhi for the first time in 1312 years was under Mughal state. But the ruler of Vijayanagar by Harihara was removed from there. Then Bahami Sultan Adil Shah and the Portuguese ruled here. 1961 military operation in the conquest of Goa in independent India merged. Goa became a union territory of India. Goa is an area of 3702 square kilometers. Goa's main industry is tourism. In addition to the huge amounts of tourism in Goa iron ore is found in countries like Japan and China export. Goa Matsya (fish) is also known for the industry but are not exported, but the fish is sold in local markets. The cashew Saudi Arabia, the UK and other European nations export. Depending on the industry because tourism is tourism that loud noises are turned on here. So far the only airport in Goa and the other is going to be just.
                                                    I nearly 500 years under Portuguese rule in Goa, because here too feel the effects of European culture.
                                         With the arrival of the monsoon season in Goa Something different nature, but nature provides amazing. This peaceful place is very pleasing to tourists and nature lovers. Goa is a small state. The beach is about 40 big and small. Some of these beaches are of international level. Goa tourism map of the world is on the floor of a distinct identity.
Panaji, capital of Goa. The modern market also attract tourists.
                                            Goa too many native Foreign and multinational business development office and industry. Here is the good development of the transport business.
Road transport is expected to increase here in the future trade and employment opportunities.
Villages-  411
District- 2
North Goa ,   South Goa
Capital –Panaji
Area- 3,702 km
Population – 1,457,723
Language- Konkani
Rivers- Chapora River, Mandovi River, Mapusa River, Sal River ,Terekhol River, Zuari River
Checkpost- Ramnagar
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