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The word of transport or logistic is as small, in reality, it is a very important and complex task. The strongest base pillar of any successful nation is the transport system and very good transport service succeeds from strong infrastructure. Strong infrastructure is successful from honest taxpayers, the taxpayer is honest with the simple and easy business policies and feelings of nationalism, we respectfully accepted these principles and used them in reality. As a result, a small business body started by its four small offices from the last 70s,

Today ABCC Indian Transportation Project is Not only in the big cities but also in the most remote areas of the country, we have achieved excellent conclusions and dignified clients due to our challenging tasks, such as business transparency, favorable findings, customer satisfaction, advanced policies, skilled staff, unitary business, and dutifulness. We also explained the definition of a business by making our opponents aware of the renewal. 

In the capitalist tactics of today’s time and in a tragic business environment, we started pre-paid transport in India to protect the interest of every small business class. And maybe even to some extent success. Today, we respect our customers’ confidence in countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, not only in India but in India. Hope We also have the opportunity of service to our customers in the future and they can take advantage of our experiences in their due guidance. Every effort is made to do the best from the highest. Giving priority to the interests of the customers, we always have suitable research to protect their interests.

Transformation is the biggest truth of nature and foresight is the biggest key to business success. We did not accept these facts with respect but implemented them. As a result, today we exist in the eighth place in Project Cargo Transportation in India and thirteenth place in Trailer Transportation. We always strive that there may be no mistake by mistake. For its implementation, we have appointed skilled staff in every field of work. Our endeavor is that in the future, the customer will express our feelings to us in the future with all our doubts – fearful friendly behavior, and argue with us for good conclusions of the work, diagnose our problems with the exceptions and get the expected conclusions.


Business transparency, friendly co-operations & coordination’s, extreme Efficiency, proper guidance and highest conclusion is ABCC INDIA Project Cargo Corporation definition. ABCC India Project Cargo Corporation in India for the past several years In national and international trade ‎industry loyal, reliable, well run, well-fortified,Highly economical, simple, cheap and fast in all the even odds regularly providing transportation services. We at ABCC India Project Cargo Take immense pride in our status as Pioneer In the Indian Logistic Industries Since Last 70s. “ABCC” Is the leading Brand in transportation Organization With all Types normal & Heavy fleets of ODC ,lengthy ,heighted ,hydraulics & Excel Trailers and build with the strong network across India at all main business station & extreme remote & dangerous locations .Backed By Experience Since 1975 ,We have the knowledge ,expertise ,confidence & Infrastructure to cater to the ever changing requirements of our esteemed clients . ABCC is equipped with the well experience human resources and latest technology of transportation service. we are also specialized in carrying project cargoes /Over dimensional Weighted heighted consignments (ODC/ OWC) and other road transportation logistic & cargo services. India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh 686 districts 6,49,481 places the constant, simple, accessible, affordable, Reliable,
Preeminent, efficiently carries Economic services, our professional and Dignified place in all countries.

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) Ready start General Goods ODC Out of Gauge Cargo Transportation Movements

Our Business Policy is Quality First

our historyhow we achieved

Our mission is to exceed customer’s expectations through our services with complete dedication and integrity. We follow a no nonsense approach to our business, for that we realize our clients are the base that we stand upon.
  • We started – 1975

    We Are Backed by the experience since 1975, we have the knowledge, expertise, confidence and infrastructure to cater to the ever changing requirements of our esteemed clients
  • 2000 – International Transportation

    Till 2005 We Expanded Our Services All Over India
  • new vehicles in fleet – 2010

    Vehicle Upgradation for Heavy ODC Transportation
  • 2014 -Supply Chain Optimized

    Till 2017 We Achieved A Target Of Our Own Fleet Of 770 trailers

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dedicated & ProfessionalTeam With Experts To Handle Your Consignement

Vision –

We have every effort to increase the transparency and simplicity of the business by providing continuous, impartial, simple, easy and reliable services to everybody in every area in respect of respect to the interests of the businessman. With the best conclusions by connecting each province with the best criterion and the foundation of the principles, the nation’s business perspective and dignity proceeded on the path of progress. By which we cannot get the name of a developing nation but a developing country.

Mission –

ABCC Motto is Quality First Because Goods Efficiencies & quality ensures our continued profitable Growth in an Exciting and competitive Trade Industries. One important quality objective is to secure business by recommendation from other clients. Every part of the country from one another is simple and easy to add to the business, and the country is to give reliable, dependable, honest transport & logistics service which continued progressin our economy and our country move forward on the way of success.

Achievements –

Clients’ contributions & trust is more important than All companies’ ability to Produce good results, customers   trust and satisfaction is our organization Greatest achievement.

Motto –

No mistake by mistake

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